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A dominantly figurative artist, her works are partially autobiographical reflecting her angst and tensions, happy emotions and nostalgic sentiments as well as her empirical experiences of the world and life observed around her including culture which she has conflated seamlessly through her experiences. At the heart of her works lies the concept of time and space, a palimpsest which conceals through layers of her veiled imagery and transparent brush strokes those memories that ultimately finds realization in the correspondence of its translation as time and space. Her attraction to the language of human forms was the power of images as opposed to the specific meaning of the depicted subject. Time and space through which she corroborates is assimilated into a visual language of either complex or simple patterns serving as building blocks for her expressions of emotions, sentiments and feelings.

Ms.Ashrifi S.Bhagat PH.D.Art Histotian and Art Critic
Former Head and ASSOCIATE ProfessorStella Marie,Chennai