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Glazes Of Nature

A solo show of glass-glazed ceramics and stoneware by Manisha Gopinath.

For Manisha Gopinath, pottery has been a serendipitous journey that began 10 years ago. Her introduction to the skill at the Creative Arts Centre in Dallas, forged a path that fuelled her passion and introduced her to a community of talented artists that greatly influenced her work.

Largely organic and free flowing, Manisha’s art is a reflection of what she loves and sees around her. Oceans, beaches, nature, birds and marine forms are significant influences that continue to inspire and find a place in her work. Glazes of blues, greens and whites imbue distinctive forms that are carved, moulded and fired into porcelain and stoneware.

Much like the Earth, Manisha’s art is birthed from a visceral sense of natural selection. Each piece is handcrafted, intuitive and compelling in its creation. The emphatic use of natural grain raw wood as a backdrop, underlines a signature style that breathes harmony and serenity into spaces.

It is an ode to everything that nature protects and holds dear. And a step into the woods of a nostalgic past and a hopeful future.

Manisha’s works will be on view at the gallery from 25th November through 3rd December 2023.

Mark D’Cruz